Special Holiday Pickup Dates are posted at each entrance gate and on roadways throughout the park. This date is for the removal of flowers by Cherokee Memorial Park staff.  If you want to retrieve your flowers, you should do so BEFORE the removal date. Flower removal begins at 7 a.m. on the date of removal. Please refrain from placing flowers at a gravesite until 5 p.m. on the date of removal in order for the groundskeepers to complete their duties.


Please see Flower Pickup Schedule for holiday removal dates.


Any holiday and/or regular decorations left at the graveside during removal times or on specified removal dates will be disposed of by park personnel.

GRANITE MARKERS -- should be cleaned with a soft brush, using a mild solution of soapy water.  Rinse thoroughly.  Occasionally, excessive alkali may accumulate on the marker.  This can be removed by rubbing the marker with a piece of synthetic pumice stone or grill stone which is available at most hardware stores.  However, Cherokee Memorial Park does not guarantee the effectiveness of this procedure, nor can it be responsible for any marker damage that may occur.


BRONZE MARKERS -- in which the coatings have not deteriorated, should be cleaned with a mild solution of soapy water, rinsed, dried and a coating of protectant, such as Diamond Shield, applied to its surface. Diamond Shield is available for purchase in the office.


LAWN AREAS SURROUNDING MARKERS -- should come up close to the marker.  Gasoline, oil, weed killers or any other means used to keep the lawn away from the markers and granite foundations are strictly prohibited. Such use causes soil contamination and violates the standards set by the Toxic Substance Control Department of California, thereby requiring appropriate action to be taken by the cemetery. First offense – a written warning to the next of kin listed in cemetery records. Second offense – marker will be removed from the burial site.  To have the marker reset the family must pay a new setting fee prior to the marker being reset.

FUNERAL FLOWERS – normally will be left on the graves and in the mausoleums the day of the funeral service plus two additional days before being removed by cemetery staff.  If you are planning to retrieve any floral arrangements after a funeral, we suggest you do so at the conclusion of the service.


INTERMENT PROCESS – is completed by the end of the day of the funeral service.  The process includes the lowering of the casket, backfilling and re-sodding of the grave.  A temporary galvanized vase will be placed in the ground for locating the grave until a marker has been ordered and installed or 6 months from date of burial which ever comes first.


ALL FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS – will be removed weekly with the exception of the holidays listed on the Holiday Pickup Dates Schedule.  Flower removal begins at 7:00 a.m. on Wednesday for all areas, including chapels and mausoleums south of West Drive; Thursday for all areas north of West Drive, including Sierra View Mausoleum & Chapel of Flowers.  We urge you to refrain from placing flowers on pick-up days until after 5:00 p.m. to allow the grounds staff to perform their duties.


GRAVE SITE TRIBUTES and DECORATIONS are limited to 6 items per grave space.  The six decorations must be no further that 18 inches from the east side of the marker, and be no more than 18 inches high.  Large pinwheels are not permitted, and even the smaller 4-6 inch diameter pinwheels are strongly discouraged.




FLOWER THEFT – occurs occasionally throughout the park. It is recommended that you place fresh-cut flower arrangements. Attractive artificial arrangements, live plants, pinwheels, flags, statuary and personal items are more subject to theft.


TREES and SHRUBS – in the cemetery are the property of Cherokee Memorial Park. Planting additional or removal of trees, shrubs, and bedding plants along with decoration existing trees, is not permitted.


FENCES – such as picket or wire are not permitted on the graves at any time.  Any other items used to outline graves or markers such as flowers, candles, rocks, garland or other items are not permitted and will be removed.  Cherokee Memorial is not responsible for decorations left at grave sites.


CEREMONIAL BURNERS – are available for your use from Cherokee Memorial Park.  Contact the office ahead of time or upon arrival for assistance.  Caution should be used when burning, especially near trees, plant material, sidewalks, shrubs and buildings.


MAUSOLEUM CRYPTS and NICHES – flowers, artificial and fresh, will remain as long as they are regarded by the park to be in good condition. Flowers will be removed and discarded at the cemetery’s discretion. Fresh and artificial flowers are allowed only. Cards, pictures, ribbons, wreaths, Christmas trees, poinsettias plants, etc., are allowed during holidays and must be removed by posted pick-up dates listed herein. All other items will be removed by the park and discarded. Floral arrangements shall not extend beyond your crypt or niche front. Flowers are allowed on niches only where vases have been mounted to the niche front by the cemetery. Floral arrangements are not permitted on mausoleum floors or sidewalks. Taping items of any kind such as photographs, cards, letters, flowers, etc., to the marble or granite crypt and niche fronts is not permitted. Families will be responsible for charges that are incurred for any crypt or niche repair. Balloons are not permitted.


Framed Memories and Memories West in the Temple of Memories Mausoleum and Chapel of Flowers niches in the Sierra View Mausoleum are restricted to fresh cut flowers only.  Roes/Cypress Urn Garden, Gospels Urn Garden and Reflections / Cascade Garden have a "No  Flower Arrangements" policy. The park plants these areas annually for your enjoyment.


FLOWER VASES – are located in wire baskets in each garden except north of West Drive for your use.  Limit one per grave site.  Cherokee Memorial Park no longer replace galvanized vase located in the grounds.

Cherokee Memorial Park & Funeral Home is a cemetery and funeral home located a short drive from Stockton in Lodi, California, a San Joaquin Valley landmark since 1940. Our friendly and comforting staff is dedicated to serving families in need of funeral services, a funeral home, funeral parlor, funeral chapel, funeral directors, undertakers, cremation, a mausoleum, memorial park, memorial service, cemetery or mortuary. For more information, please call us at (209) 334-9613, or write or visit us at Cherokee Memorial Park, Highway 99 & Harney Lane, Lodi, CA 95240.


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